Monday, October 21

DIY Witch Hat

 The Halloween decor isn't quite complete here at Casa de Potter, I've still got a few crafts up my sleeve.  This DIY Witch Hat was so fun and easy to create using an inexpensive paper mache form from a craft store, black Tulip Soft paint, black Tulip glitter and some ribbons, trims, feathers and bits I had in my studio.  

You will need:
Paper Mache Witch Hat
Orange Tulle
Striped black and off-white ribbon
Old book page
Bottle cap
Skull cabachon
Small set rhinestone segment
Black feathers
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint black
Tulip Fashion Glitter black
Aleene's Tacky Glue
1/2" circle punch
Step one: Paint hat.  Let dry.  Step two: Brush an even coating of Aleene's Tacky Glue over hat, shake glitter, shake off excess.  Let dry.  Step three: Use circle punch to punch paper and Aleene's Tacky Glue Sheet.  Glue paper into center of bottle cap.  You can opt to seal this with decoupage medium if you like.  Step four: Attach glue to back of elements, peel protective coating and glue into bottle cap.
Step Five: Glue elements into bottle cap.  Step six: Ribbon should be about 4" wide.  Fold three times, start by folding one end just over 2".  Fold three times, the last end folds to the center again as in photo.  Step seven: Take a 3" section of ribbon, fold ends to center, so there is no wired edge exposed.  Fold this over the center of your bow, tightly, use glue dot to secure.  Step eight: Hold center firmly while fluffing edges of ribbon as in photo. 
 Step nine: Cut a 1" section of ribbon, cut ribbon down to edge of wire on one side.  Wrap this wire tightly around the stems of your feathers, to secure them.  Step ten: Add a dab of Tacky Glue to the wrapped end of your feathers, firmly tuck it into the center of one side of your ribbon as in picture.  Step eleven: Take a 6" section of tule and knot in the center.  Attach to the hat brim using a glue dot. Step twelve: Glue the larger bow to the knot on the tulle using a glue dot.
If you want to wear this, add some ribbon to tie it around your chin.  I'm using this for display, it looks super cute on a pumpkin!  

 You could also opt to add a pin back or hair clip to the bow so you could remove it and wear it later.  
Bewitching, isn't it?  
 Get more fabulous DIY Halloween projects on the iLoveToCreate website and for your daily dose of fashion and style served up with a side of sass, visit me at DIY Doyenne!

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