Tuesday, October 8

Glitter Bones and Heart Tee.

 I LOVE this time of year.
 When I was young I could not wait to come up with a costume to Trick or Treat in from things I just had laying around the house. Now that I am all grown up I still feel like a little kid when October rolls around. It brings back such awesome memories. I wanted to make a shirt that I could wear even after the month of October. So the Glitter Bones Shirt was created.

What you need:
Shirt *this is a  Hanes men's Medium
X-acto knife
Tulip Sponge 
* Optional,Four studs *Hobby Lobby or  HERE
 First I drew out my Stencil from a picture I saw on the internet.  I covered it in clear contact paper,
and using my X-acto knife I cut it out.
If you don't want to draw one, find one on the internet and print it out.
Cut the collar off of your shirt.
Place a cutting board between your shirt.
Center your stencil on your shirt, tape down the corners.

 Place the Glitter bond glue on a paper plate.
 using your sponge place the glue on the shirt
 sprinkle on your silver glitter,
I left the heart plain for now because I am using red glitter for that.
Let this dry for about 2 hours. then shake the glitter off.
For the red heart, put glue on your heart and sprinkle with red glitter.
 Let that sit for 2 hours. 
Shake off your glitter.
If you want more glitter,
 repeat glue and glitter step until you get the desired effect that you want.
Let dry 72 hours before washing on the gentle cycle.
I would also hang dry.
 I placed a stud on the shoulder seams so they would not come apart,
plus it give it a little detail.
If you want to take the sleeves in a little
 you can also gather the sleeve and place a stud there.
No sewing involved.
 Now wear with your favorite jeans.
Enjoy, and have a wonderful Tuesday.

Lots of <3,


Cgal said...

Great job Anne...you've done it again...SO cute!!

Unknown said...

Super cute! Did you use the cut off collar to make the additional strap?

WobiSobi said...

Thank you. No, that is a tank top underneath :) But that is a great idea.

WobiSobi said...

Thank you so much Cgal:)

Anonymous said...

ilest genial ce blog pas de quoi s ennuyer pleins d idees sympa merci j adore

Unknown said...

Do you make shirts and sell them?

Nat said...

Where did you find the stencil? I can't find it and I really like it! :(

We Believe in Style said...

This is so cute!

Unknown said...

Hello~First I would like to say this shirt is super cute! I want to make matching shirts for me and my 8 year old, but I can not find the stencil anywhere....could you share where or what you typed in to find it? Thanks a bunch~

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Patrick Nelson said...
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HopeO said...

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