Thursday, October 3

Wee Witchy Woman DIY

A few years back my buddy Vickie Howell made a witch costume for my daughter Tallulah. I have several framed around the house and even once made a Wee Witch Shrine with one of the photos. 5 years later I am still working that photo shoot. I've always wanted to add glowing eyes to some of my Halloween photos so today I did.

What you need:
– Scissors
– Photo
– Hole punch, awl or Crop-a-Dile
– Halloween Paper
– Two tea lights

Using scissors, decorative paper and a fun foam or wooden frame mount your photo. These curly decorative edge frames are found at the craft store, dollar bins at Target and even the grocery store these days. I just covered up the goofy image of Frankenstein with my paper, Tacky Dot Singles and picture.

Once my picture was frame it was time to poke Tallulah's eyes out. It felt so wrong using the Crop-a-Dile on her eyes, but alas it had to be done.
Aleene's Tacky Tacky Glue was used to attach two small tea lights to the back of the frame. I shoved the actual light part through the holes in the eyes I had just punched.
Next it was time to light that baby up. Even with eerie glowing orange eyes that is a cute picture. Thanks Vickie for that costume and photos. It really has been the gift that keeps on giving.


Chris Hicks said...

Love the eyes, (The baby too, lol) just wanted you to know and how I so look forward to your e-mails and work, wish I could make my things even similar to yours, (NO LOL the truth, lol) well just wanted to let ya know all on the site is GREAT!!

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