Tuesday, November 5

Feather-stamped Tee and Bag

When I was young I had a collection of rubber stamps.  The only thing I ever used them for was making cards.  However, with the I Love to Create products, I use stamps in so many different ways.  I carved this feather stamp and used it on a couple of projects here to show you how you can make use of any stamp you might have.
For the first project you need:– a plain tote
– any stamp
 The sponge pouncer is a great way to get the paint evenly onto the stamp.
I simply stamped the feather onto the tote repeated the process again and again.  Your stamp won't be perfect and each feather won't be identical, but that's the beauty of it.  I love how it looks handmade.
For the next project you need:

 I pounced the stamp pad onto the stamp several times until I could see that the stamp was well covered.
 Then I stamped it.  The stamp pads give you less-saturated color, which I really liked on the tee.  If you want something to look darker, I would recommend the paint and if you like a more hand-stamped look the stamp pads are great.
 I love how this one looks with a little cardigan.
 So don't limit your stamps to paper.  Grab some fabric paint and find something that needs a little decoration.


WobiSobi said...

I love the feather stamp and this project.

Becky said...

Very cute!

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