Tuesday, November 19

Glitter Snowflake Pillow

Want to add a touch of seasonal decor to your home?  Here's a super fast and easy project you can finish in about 5 minutes.  I love a quick project with pretty results.

To make this pillow you need Tulip Fashion Glitter Transfer Sheets.
 If you haven't used them before, they are awesome.  They are glitter and adhesive in one.  They are flexible and easy to cut.
 To create my snowflake I folded the paper diagonally and cut off the excess so that I had a square.
 Then I folded that triangle in half again.
 Lastly, I folded that triangle into thirds.
I trimmed the top and then cut it until it looked like this.
 After unfolding it, here's what it looked like.  If there are any parts that need fixing you can just trim them up until it looks right.
 Then I placed it on my pillow, covered it with a sheet, and applied it with my iron.
And you have a festive, seasonal pillow to had a little life to your couches.


Catherine Peart said...

Love this! For a moment I thought for sure it was going to use a Silhouette (which I don't have) so I was very happy to see anyone could do this. Off to Michael's today!

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