Thursday, November 14

Portraits in Nature

There are so many gorgeous (and free) objects in nature that can easily be turned into art. Pine cones make great Christmas carolers. Beans easily become owls. Acorns look great on headbands. I recently discovered that you could do a whole self portrait just using what you find on a walk to the park.


Wooden Plaque

Aleene's Tacky Glue

Paint Brush

Paper Punch

Various Natural Items (acorns, leaves, ball moss)
First you want to draw the outline of your person. I thought I would try and make my nature picture a self portrait, complete with top knot.
With a paint brush apply Tacky Glue and start constructing your portrait.
I started with my face.
Once I had the skin filled in with bark and border filled with acorn caps I took a decorative scrapbooking paper punch to some Magnolia leaves. Using Tacky Glue I added these as a collar to the portrait. Threw in a flower brooch for good measure.
I'll be the first to admit the portrait looks a little diabolical, however I still love it. These are all items that my kids and I collected at the park. I'm hoping to help them make their own.
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