Wednesday, January 8

Kanzashi Flower Frame Hack

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and this simple frame hack is the perfect gift!  Put a photo inside or print a sentiment like we did.  We've included the printable here.  We found the frame in a three pack at Target for a few dollars, added some ribbon and faux gems and turned some fabric into a fabulous Kanzashi Flower, Aleene's adhesives made quick work of throwing it all together in a flash.  Miss Avalon and I worked on this design together, she picked the quote, helped assemble the frame and took the step by step photos.  Crafting is so much more fun when you do it together!

 You will need:
Inexpensive black plastic 5x7 frame
Decorative grosgrain ribbon
Plastic faux gems
Scrap fabric
Sewing thread
Clover 1.5" Kanzashi Flower Making Tool
(Right click and save, print to fit inside frame!)
(Click on photos to see larger!)
Step one: Measure and cut ribbon to fit around inner edge of frame.  Step two: Place ribbon on tape, carefully, cut tape in half.  Step Three: Press ribbon on frame, smoothing with fingers to be sure it's adhered.  Step four: Use the Kanzashi flower tool to make a 10 petal flower.  Follow instructions on tool.  Fold tool over folded fabric and snap shut.  Step five: Knot thread, begin from bottom at #1, sew fabric following numbers on tool.  Step six: Remove petal from tool.
Step seven: Pull thread to make petal, the flower is formed continuously, don't cut thread!  You just keep making petals and pulling them together.  Step eight: When you reach your tenth petal, sew the thread into the bottom of the first petal through all layers. Step nine: Pull thread to form flower.  Tie a knot and cut the excess thread.  Step ten: We decided to add a second layer of ribbon, find a coordinating and thinner ribbon, cut into four sections to fit around frame, press it on the tape and cut as in step two.  Step eleven: Remove tape backing and press into center of first ribbon.  Step twelve: Attach flower with a square of tape.  Adhere a gem into the center with an adhesive tabs and adhere gems on remaining three corners to conceal ribbon ends.  
What would you put inside of your frame?  Let us know in the comments!  Visit iLoveToCreate on Facebook for more crafty conversation.  You can find me and Avalon at The Impatient Crafter with DIY for the short attention span crowd!
Margot and Avalon


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