Monday, January 6

BFF Heart Matching Phone Cases

I love doing freelance projects for iLoveToCreate, because I always get a challenge to create something totally new and outside-the-box!  This month I was given the task of making BFF glitter phone cases and I'm so excited about how these turned out!  I would make one for my BFF, but unfortunately he doesn't have a's my dog Sebastian (you can see him on my blog here). Anyway, this is perfect for my human BFF instead and is super simple to make! Let me show you  how!

What you need:
– 2 inexpensive phone cases (same size, I ordered mine online)
– 1/2" to 3/4" bristle brush
– Scrapbook paper of your choice
– Scissors
– Sandpaper
– Paper plate
First off, trace phone case on back of scrapbooking paper and draw a half heart shape to desired size.Cut out half heart and trace opposite side on scrapbooking paper – cut out.

Use light sandpaper to buff the phone cases.
Spread the decoupage medium on the back of your half heart and press in the middle and to the edge of your phone case.

Apply a layer of decoupage medium to the top of the entire phone case surface.

Sprinkle the Tulipl Fashion Glitter over the wet decoupage medium. Shake off the excess onto your paper plate.

Seal the glitter using your brush and decoupage medium
 Use the side of your brush to apply a heavy coat of the decoupage medium around the paper heart.

Press your crystals in place on the wet glue around the heart. 
 Do a final coat of decoupage medium over the surface to seal everything and let dry!

Now you and your bestie can talk or text up a storm on your matching phones!


andrea chiu said...

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Anonymous said...

I am so doing thiss for my friends lol thx so much

Unknown said...

You really have an awesome blog. You doing great and I really love it. Thanks for posting. God bless.


moustache 666 said...

1 word awesome

moustache 666 said...

soooooooooooooooooooo doing this my friend is obsessed with phone cases although i a going to do a moustache

Unknown said...

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Kabir said...

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Style Baby said...

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Alice said...

Hi I have a question do you have other cell covers made with cornstarch and glue.Please let me know.

Alice said...

Hi I have a question do you have other cell covers made with cornstarch and glue.Please let me know.

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