Friday, March 14

Handy Jewelry Holder

This was one of those DIY projects that was inspired by something I saw in a catalog and immediately thought, "I can make that!"

I knew I'd seen the hand stands at the craft store, and then I decided to kind of beef it up and add a base. Read on to see how I made it!

1 paper mache hand base
1 wood plaque
Mardi Gras beads

1. Paint the base and hand the color you want. My first thought was to paint it bright and add flowers, but then I thought I'd stick to the theme of my inspiration. Anyway, once you paint the pieces, add a generous amount of Max Tacky Adhesive to the bottom of the hand fixture and secure to the wood base. Let it dry for about an hour. You can also run a bead of the glue around the joint area if you plan to hang heavy pieces.

2. I can never leave well enough alone. I painted everything silver, then decided it needed some texture, so I glued Mardi Gras around the edges and then painted it silver all over again!

Here is how it looks standing upright, which is how it is intended, so we have to do something different, right?

NOTE: If you plan to hang it on the wall, make sure to add a sawtooth picture hanger to the back!

I hung it on the wall, out of the way of the walking path of the room, since it extends out. It's so cute, I love it!!!

Here is a side view! I plan to add mugs hooks to the wood base so it can also hold earrings, bracelets and more necklaces!

Thanks for checking out my project! Happy crafting!

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