Friday, April 18

Cowboy Bunny Easter Eggs

This year, I didn't want to make another traditional Easter egg!  Instead, I used some baby black hats on hand and decided to give my plain plastic eggs an Old West feel. LOL!  Here's how you make your eggs "The Cowboy Way".
What you need:

– Plastic Easter Eggs
Tulip Dimensional Fabric paint in black and coordinating egg colors
– 2" Oval Top Hats
– White craft foam
– Scissors
– Small liner brush
– Scrap paper

Make your pattern: Draw and cut a small pattern for your bunny ear on a sheet of scrap paper.
Trace the ear to a piece of craft foam and cut out two pieces of foam for each ear.
 1) In the center of the ear, use a paint brush to spread a little Tacky Glue inside.  2) Now apply the Tulip Fashino Glitter on Top and shake off.  Let dry. 3) Use the black Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint to Draw on the eyes as shown.  4) Now use the coordinating egg color of paint to make a nose.
5) Finish off the face with a mouth and little eye details. Let the paint dry thoroughly. 6) Glue your ears to the top of your little cowboy hats. 7) Squeeze a small line of glue along the bottom of the hat. 8) Now press the hat on top of the egg. Place in an egg carton or upright to secure it in place to let the glue set.

These little guys came out so country cute!  I love that they have a lot of funny personality!
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