Wednesday, April 30

Dip-Dyed Paper Lanterns

 Looking for a pretty way to decorate this year that doesn't break the bank?  Purchase a cluster of paper lanterns from your local party store and dip dye them into stylish accessories for your indoor or outdoor space.  

Watch the video above or follow the steps below to create this cool dip-dyed lantern project!

What you need:
Tulip One-Step Dye in violet
– 4-5 paper lanterns in different sizes
– Surface cover or plastic tablecloth
– Paper plates
– Drying rack

Dilute violet dye with water on one plate and make another plate filled with undiluted dye.
Dip in diluted dye in random patterns on bottom of lantern.
Now dip the bottom in the full-strength dye.
Hang to dry over a covered surface.

We clustered our finished lanterns over our spring tablescape for a pop of fun and added tassels too!  Check back for more of these spring projects in the next couple of weeks here on our blog!
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