Friday, April 11

Faux Faberge Eggs Made with Puffy Paint

Easter is upon us, and I decided to make some pretty faberge-painted eggs that look really upscale considering they are just plastic eggs and puffy paint!  And you just need a few supplies to make these pastel eggs - easy & cheap...I'm all about that!

What you need:
– Plastic eggs
Tulip 3D Fashion Paint in matching color as egg (the finish you select is optional)
– Small faux pearls or seed beads
– Tweezers
Shake your 3D Paint well and practice a petal design on a scrap piece of paper before you start. When you are happy with your practice designs, squeeze the petal designs onto your egg.  Make them fairly close together and add a small dot of paint in-between each flower!

Oh and work on one section at a time so that you can hold your design. Once a section is dry, you can go onto the next!
With your tweezers, add the pearls to your little dots between each flower and on a few of the petals!  This is a free-form design, so add as many pearls randomly over your painted designs!
This is what it looks like finished and unfinished! A vast improvement, I must say!
Here's a couple of my other eggs in progress!  For the green egg, I decided to use Tulip 3D paint in a pearl finish!  I love how dimensional each one of them turned out!

These would look so pretty in a dish or hanging from a tree branch!  I can't wait to display them!


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