Thursday, April 24

How to Make a Fox and Cottage Night Light

I think everyone I know bought a set of those woodland creature plastic eggs from Target this year. I was tempted to buy two. East might be over, but that does not mean Mr. Fox needs to go in the attic for a year. Instead I decided to build him a cozy moss cottage and have him 'light' up my life year round.


– Aleene's Tacky Glue
– Cardboard craft house
– Moss (various types)
– Tissue Paper
– Piece of Wood
– Styrofoam cone
– Scissors
– Fox Easter egg
– LED tea lights
– Red Marker
– White gel pen
Using Tacky Glue and various types moss from the floral department adorn your house. There is no right or wrong way. you might need to use scissors to cut up sheets of moss to make them smaller.
I used a red marker and a gel pen to create a faux brick chimney.
The actual house had windows and a door so I covered them with tissue paper using Tacky Glue. My house came in two parts. You do not want to glue the top and bottom together so that you can get your lights inside.
After the house is finished attach it to a wooden base. Add moss covered trees and cover the floor with more greenery.
Be sure to add your fox. If you did not get a fox egg it is not too late to buy some plastic eggs on clearance and make your own fox or woodland creature. Be sure not to glue your fox shut. Just like the house you want to be able to put a battery operated tea light inside so your fox will glow.
Even without the candles 'lit' the cottage is adorable sitting on a shelf in a child's room.
When the lights go out Mr. Fox is there standing next to his cozy flickering cottage waiting to keep you company. What does the fox say? Night night.
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