Tuesday, April 8

Tie Dyed Fringe Dress, DIY.

Fringe seems to be  all the rage right now,
 so I thought I could DIY a fringe dress out of two T-shirts
 and add a little color with Tulip One step Tie Dye.

Things You Need.
Two t-shirts (these are XL mens)
Sewing Machine
Studs (Optional)
Take your first shirt and cut around your collar
 leaving about 3 inches on the front and back.
Then trim the corners off the shirt so it sits better on your shoulders.
Take your second shirt and cut it just below the sleeves.
take the top part of your shirt fold in half and cut off the sleeves.
Trim the corner
Open the top up and cut your fringe.
This will be the fringe for the top part of your dress.
Pin the fringe you just made to the collar of the first shirt
Now take the bottom part of your second shirt shirt and pin the hem side,
to the hem side of the first shirt. 
 Sew the two collars together.
Sew the two bottom pieces together.
Cut the bottom piece into about one inch strips.
 Pick the color you want to use.
Fill it with water to the line on the bottle.
wet your fringe place it into a bowl.
Let it sit for at least 6 to 8 hours.
Then rinse in cold water until the water runs clear.
* This is optional*
I gathered my sleeves and used studs to hold them. 
This is more decorative,
but it does take up some of the length of the sleeve.
I trimmed my top fringe into a V shape.
I left the back fringe straight.

This could be a beach cover up or just a cute summer dress.
 I hope all of you have a fantastic Tuesday.
For more DIY head on over to my Blog,
Lots of <3,


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

Really sweet( ;

Anonymous said...

Is there any end to your genius???? I love your creations! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Love this and all your creations. This would also be so cute with just the top part as a shirt. Always excited to see what you have next! :)

Norma said...

Oh! It's magnific.

Anonymous said...

This is very nice

Unknown said...

i have a question: is the shirt that big? cuz it kinda looks like a dress with trims attached. is it because of the big shirt? i dont see any stitches. sorry for the questions, but i like the design, and im not sure i get it perfectly

Unknown said...

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