Monday, August 25

DIY Sequin Cuffs

Mix up a couple of this fall’s hottest trends to make some rockin’ DIY Sequin Cuffs, using Tulip’s Fashion Sequins and a plaid shirt. The combination of sparkle and soft fabric create an unexpected and edgy look that’s perfect to stack with other bracelets or wear alone. Let’s get started!


step 1
Cut off the cuffs and or the neck band from the shirt.

Cut very close to the seams without cutting the seam.

step 2
Plan your pattern, you can use a fabric marker to draw your design right on your fabric.

step 3
Squeeze your glue onto your fabric and kind of spread it around.

step 4
Using your tweezers add your sequins one at a time.

This sounds really tedious, but I found it went really quickly. 

Let your glue dry for a few hours or overnight before wearing.

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Modernmyth Angel said...

Love it! Thank for sharing!xx

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