Thursday, August 28

How To Cover A Bulletin Board With Fabric

My son Baxter started pre-school this week (insert tears here). That being said the flood gates have opened for him bringing home papers, pictures and projects from school. Just like everyone else in the house I want him to be a proud crafter so it seemed only fitting that he get his very own bulletin board.

– Bulletin Board
– Fabric
The first thing I did was cut my fabric down to slightly larger than my bulletin board. Next I needed to prepare my bulletin board. The cool thing about the Liquid Fusion spray is that there are 3 spray size options. The bulletin board was on the small size so I adjusted the nozzle to S.

Next I sprayed the bulletin board with the Liquid Fusion. The glue looks like spider webs. I decided I wanted to cover the cheap wood frame too.
Quickly I placed my fabric on top (thrifted curtains) and smoothed out any bubbles. I trimmed again.
I wrapped the fabric around the back like a package. I sprayed with Liquid Fusion again to get the fabric to stick to the backside.
All I need to do is sit back and wait for Baxter to bring home art from school.
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