Friday, August 22

How To Throw A Funtastic Tie Dye Party!

Hi! I'm Rina, guest blogging from Mothership Scrapbook Gal!  I recently hosted a tie dye party using the Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Party kit and I wanted to share my experience with you as well as offer some tips for hosting your own successful tie dye party!

What you'll need for a great tie dye party:

Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Party Kit (includes project guide, 18 pre-measured dye colors, 90 rubber bands, 6 pairs of plastic gloves and a table cover)
– Folding table(s); you'll need enough room for everyone to have a space to dye
– A tablecloth (I used a black one so it would not show dye stains)
– 100% white cotton tee shirts or tanks (my party was a BYO-Tee-shirt party!)
– Paper towels
– Zip-lock bags, so your party goers can easily transport their tie-dyed tees home
– Permanent marker
– Buckets filled with lukewarm water
– Plastic aprons
– Good food and drinks for your guests to enjoy!

Before you begin, fill up all your water buckets and dye bottles and get your tie dye station ready for guests. I filled the station with everything my guests needed for tie dye success!  I made sure that everyone could access the supplies easily and within arms reach.

At the start of my party, I welcomed my guests with a chalkboard full of simple instructions on "how to tie-dye", so they get the basics down and be self-guided!

It's also really smart to provide plastic aprons for your guests, if they are worried about accidentally dyeing their clothes!

I also posted the Tulip Project Guide which includes instructions on different tie-dye styles near the tie-dye station, that way each guest could decide what type of rubber bands or folds they would need to do for their t-shirt.

Once my guests selected their designs, the fun began - two of my guests were  having so much fun that they asked to make another t-shirt! I was was more than happy to let them dye some extra shirts I had on hand with all the fun colors!

I provided Zip-lock bags and a permanent marker so that everyone could easily bag and tag their creations to take home!  I told my guests to double-bag anything that was really saturated in the dye - just in case!

Here's the final reveal of two of the shirts from the party. One of my best crafty friends Bev peaced out in her creation, while my friend Aaron rocked out in red, white, and blue!

My friend Desi told me that she loved how easy, mess-free, and fun the kits were to use. She also said her colors turned out super vibrant after she rinsed, washed, and dried her shirt! Now she's so addicted to dyeing that she plans to host a party too! I'm excited that my love for tie-dyeing rubbed off on her!

Come visit me over on my blog Mothership Scrapbook Girl, where I share fun scrapbooking projects, tutorials, and organization tips. I also host a fun event called Crafty Happy Hour in various locations all over Southern California. Learn more about Crafty Happy Hour here.


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