Thursday, August 7

Stenciled Summer Mat

Roll up mats are a must have. Whether you are playing with the kiddlets in itchy grass or using your mat as a signal to say HELLO to Lionel Richie, they are handy things to have. No need to leave them plain when you have Tulip Fabric Paint and Tulip Textile Stencils handy.


– Bamboo Mat
– Disposable shirt sized container
– Tulip Soft Fabric Paint Blue
Start at one corner and place your stencil. If you would like use a stencil adhesive go for it.

Pour some paint onto a surface and roll your brush through. Apply paint evenly over stencil, making sure to hold stencil in place. Do this for the entire mat.
For an extra pop of color (and to match the existing trim on the mat) I went back in with blue paint and a small brush. I did not outline each piece of animal print, but instead highlighted certain areas.
Allow your paint to dry completely.
You are now ready for the beach, park, summer concert - you name it. No mistaking your new custom mat. Wouldn't this look great on a rug? Hmmm, that gives me an idea.
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