Monday, September 22

Geo Multi Finger Ring DIY

Accessories and jewelry for this fall have a lot of geometric influences, this Geo Multi Finger Ring DIY is a fun and simple way to create a cool artistic statement without breaking the bank. Mix up stones, beads, whatever you have to make a truly unique piece of wearable art.

2 ring blanks - (one must have an adjustable band)
Beads, stones or other 
Clay (optional)

step 1
Use your pliers to open the band on ring that will be upside down.

As you bend any pieces around make sure your fold them smooth and flat.

step 2
Glue your 2 ring blanks together at their sides, with the open one facing up and closed one facing down.

Aleene's Jewelry and Metal glue is really awesome for holding metal and stones together. It dries really quickly and holds well.

Just make sure you use it in a well ventilated area and don't get it on your skin. It's really hard to get off and it dries quickly. Ask me how I know. LOL

Let your glue dry.

You can use a small piece of clay to stand your rings in while they dry.

step 3
Glue your stones and beads to your ring.

Where you’ve opened your ring it will give the illusion of the stones floating between your fingers. Pretty cool!

Let your glue dry for a few hours or overnight before wearing.
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Susanmarie said...

How does the pearl attach?

Sassss said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sassss said...

How comfortable can it be, having the one ring upside down? Doesn't the setting mount dig into your hand & finger, when you close your fist - like to hold a coffee mug by the handle?

BJewelryBox said...

I'm wondering about the one ring being upside down too. The project is awesome and really clever!

Unknown said...

Cool fingerring! :O (y)

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