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21 Costumes To DIY With Tulip And Aleene's!

I like that I'm not exactly like everyone else. And when it came to Halloween, I didn't want to dress like everyone else. In high school I went dressed in a purple suit with a drawn on goatee and lots of jewelry with my friend dressed similarly. Ever since then, I've thought that DIY costumes were the BEST! Here are 21 costumes that ROCK that you can make yourself with the help of iLoveToCreate products! 

Of all the crafty bloggers out there, I enjoy the DIY Halloween costumes from Jordan at Oh Happy Day most (as you can probably guess going through this roundup). Her costumes are fairly simple and always wildly cute. And as far as Halloween goes, I don't think that the clown will ever go out of style. Clown Costume Tutorial at Oh Happy Day

As an adult I don't care too much for dressing up.But if I did I'd definitely go a bit more subdued. A classy witch, perhaps? Or maybe the Black Widow? I am in LOVE with this fab spiderweb necklace tutorial you can get right here at iLoveToCreate! DIY Spider Necklace

Grab yourself a bottle of your favorite Tacky Glue and prepare to make the most awesome Cat in the Hat DIY ever. Scott over at What I Made is crazy talented. See in that the kid pulls a lever so that the cats actually pop out. How freaking cool is that? The project isn't for the DIY faint of heart, but boy, oh boy would it be worth the effort! 'Pop Up' Cat in the Hat Costume 

You might recognize that pretty lady up there. That's Cathy and she's one super talented DIY diva both here and at her own blog Trinkets in Bloom. Over there she'll show you how to make some chic long gloves that can dress up just about any costume or even your dressier outfits! Long Gloves DIY

To be fair, to rock this Lady Sherlock Holmes look you're going to have to know how to sew and get after some vintage patterns BUT the hat is "copious amounts of Quick-Dry Tacky Glue"! The whole look is so darn cute and you've got to hand it to Melissa at Scavenger Hunt for one super unique costume!  Lady Sherlock Holmes

I've seen lots and lots of adults dressed up as Sailor Moon characters but never a child. And for good reason. After finding it difficult to locate any reasonably priced costumes for children, one creative momma over at ADDled Adventures set out to make her own. Sailor Moon Costume for Children.

Who says tulle skirts are only for little girls? Grab your favorite super hero tee and rock out your own DIY costume that is quick, easy and really cheap. Oh, and it's super cute. Did I mention that? Get your super powers over at Shannon Berry Design. No Sew Tutu Superhero Costume

Ah! It's another Oh Happy Day divine costume creation! To be honest when I first saw this I wondered what kid would really want to be the Eiffel tower. And then on a vacay day with my nephews the oldest wanted to go to Paris. Apparently kids are crazy about this incredible landmark! Not gonna lie, there is some serious cardboard work happening here, but just look at how cute the finished costume is! Eiffel Tower Costume

Grab a bottle of Collage Pauge or your favorite Aleene's glue and prepare for one of the funniest (and easiest) costumes I've seen in ages! Remember those terrible pictures we all took in the 90s? Recreate that awfulness with one super awesome costume! Full tutorial (and free background printable) by Kazmataz at Instructables. School Portrait Costume.

Look at that super sweet Little Miss Pineapple! And guess what? The tutorial over at Delia Creates is totally no sew! Cute and super simple... it's on, right? No Sew Pineapple Halloween Cape

Are you one with  nature? Perhaps you'd love to totally blend in with the woods? Or maybe mostly... Heidi at Hands Occupied will show you how to make your own faux bois hoodie great for Halloween in colder climes. Faux Bois Sweatshit and Tree Costume

So these glittery monster horns aren't exactly a full costume and the creator, Kira at Oops, I Craft My Pants, isn't really sure what you would call this look, either. BUT they're glittery and colorful and fab and I think they make the perfect set of monster horns. Grab your glitter and Tacky Glue and make your own! Glittery Monster Horns

I was so surprised when I saw the tutorial of these Cleopatra golden cuffs over at ilovesexy blog. Now that I know what's going down I can totally see it, but without seeing it, I never would have believed the creative way these suckers were made. Prepare to be amazed! DIY Egyptian Cuffs.

Gnomes are adorable! Children dressed up like gnomes fly right off the adorable scale! Over at Food Folks and Fun you'll learn how to make a DIY Boy Garden Gnome Costume complete with a little beard! 

Do you have a little pilot in training? Look no further than this amazing DIY pilot's costume from Oh Happy Day! DIY Airplane Costume

I'm not a huge fan of animated films BUT I love the Corpse Bride so much! And even I would be interested in dressing up like the female lead of this super adorable and interestingly romantic little tale! Get your tutorial here at iLTC - Corpse Bride Costume.

If you've already got a black and white striped dress, you're halfway finished with this costume! Using found objects like black bath towel the only thing you'll need to DIY for this costume is the tie. See how to become the Hamburglar at What I Wore! Homemade Halloween Hamburglar

If there's any one person in music who you can recognize by their weird attire, it has to be Lady Gaga. Even without knowing but snippets of her music, I could still pick that chick out of a lineup from the corner of my eye. To mimic the look of this eccentric pop icon view the iLTC tutorial DIY Halloween : Lady Gaga.

So there is no tutorial here. In fact, it's just an Instagram pic from user MarisaaARoss who you might know as a wine loving blogger. But DANG if I don't love the movie Heathers and DANG if this isn't such an amazing costume of Veronica post devastation if I've ever seen one (in fact this is my first!) With a bit of black fabric paint, you can soot up an old blue tee and mimic this look. HEATHER, MY LOVE, THERE'S A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN...

Have you ever wondered how in cosplay they can get a wig to look absolutely perfect and stay that way? I leanred the secret over at Yuurisans Cosplay and & Crafts and it's Tacky Glue! See how to make your own Queen Elsa wig that is absolutely perfect with this tutorial and check out the rest of the costume DIY while you're there! Queen Elsa of Arendelle Ice Dress Construction Notes.

My nephews are desperate for me to dress up this Halloween. I've been a steady "NO" and they've resorted to pulling out the big guns. Wouldn't you love to be a CAT? You LOVE cats? And this mask that combines two of my favorite things, cats and glitter, just might cause me to break. Get the deets at DIY Doyenne. Sparkle Kitty Mask.

Now this last inclusion here isn't really a costume. It's art. Amazing art, actually. Swiss Italian artist Christian Tagliavini creates amazing "costumes" from paper and cardboard, inserting a real model within to capture the artistry on film. There is no tutorial or DIY as this is simply art, but I think it would be an amazing bit of inspiration to make your own DIY cardboard costume. Click through to see the pics that capture the Cubist Movement, the 50s  and the 17th Century (seen above). CHRISTIAN TAGLIAVINI ART 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have feel free to stop by and give me a shout at Dream a Little Bigger! 


Head over to our TIE DYE YOUR SUMMER site for even more inspiration, how-to's, and fun videos to get you mega-inspired for some DIY summer fun!


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