Monday, October 13

Crafty Chica Face Paint Kit

Get ready for Day of the Dead with this fun and easy to use Crafty Chica Face Paint Kit. Inside your kit you’ll have everything you need to turn your face into a cool Calavera for Day of the Dead. This is a great kit to use on kids, if you can get them to sit still. Let’s get started!


step 1
Start with a clean face.

Using the sponge applicator and a little water cover your entire face with the white makeup.

This may take a couple layers as it goes on very thin.

Let the makeup dry.

step 2
Draw designs around the eyes using the body marker. 

Make sure to let the white paint dry before using the body marker. This will make it easier to get dark lines.

As you can see in this photo, I tried to use the marker when the white makeup was still a little wet and the marker didn’t work so well.  Wait until the makeup is dry and then you will get much darker color.

step 3
Using the small makeup applicators fill in the shapes around the eyes with the color of your choice.

I used yellow around the eyes, but I found it was very light. I would recommend the red or green for this and use the yellow in more open areas like the cheeks and forehead.

step 4
Use the stencils to create the shapes you want on the rest of the face.

Simply peel off the plastic on the front and then peel the silver stencil off the backing and place it on the face where you want it.

Use the small applicators to fill in with color.

step 5
Draw teeth lines, nose and smile lines with the body marker. 

Admittedly face painting is easier on someone who can sit still. I thought by 6 my daughter would be more still but I think with each year she more active. 

You can get more involved with your design and use the stencils to easily create flowers and swirls on your face.

This is a great kit for kids and for simple face painting. 

Be sure to Pin this image for later!

For more fashion DIY's check out my blog Trinkets in Bloom.


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