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19 Thanksgiving And Fall Crafts For Kids


I have always loved Thanksgiving. Maybe it was because Thanksgiving is always near my birthday and we almost always celebrated both on the same day? I loved the turkey crafts and the pilgrim hats and all of that so much! So today I'm bringing you 19 of the most fun and easy to replicate kid projects that are perfect for this time of year!

You can use any of Aleene's fabulous Tacky Glues for these projects. I'd especially recommend Aleene's School Tacky Glue!

In my family bread wasn't too big of a part of our Thanksgiving celebration, but I understand that homemade rolls and buns and biscuits play a bit part in the festivities of others. What would be more perfect than having the kiddos make a turkey bread basket just for the occasion? Grab your favorite Tacky Glue and head on over to DIY Ready for this Thanksgiving Kids Turkey Treasure Tutorial.

Textured Cone Trio[12]
Over at Sand & Sisal you'll find tons and tons of fabulous and simple crafts that come off looking quite chic. These natural textured cones are not Autumn themed, per se, but they work so well for the season! Plus, this is one the kiddos can knock out for you! Natural Textured Cones

I LOVE scarecrows though I don't always remember them when I'm crafting for the season. And when I saw this popsicle stick scarecrow from Crafty Morning I thought it was about the cutest thing ever!

Kids love LEGOs. It can be a bona fide freak out addiction. As far as I'm concerned they are around to hurt the feet of adults, but kiddos will not be deterred! So when I saw this genius project, also from Crafty Morning, where you use them to stamp Indian corn, well, I know of a whole slew of kids who would be super stoked. LEGO Stamped Indian Corn Craft.

I am starting to realize that Michelle is just the absolute bees knees when it comes to kid crafting. Just check out this awesome Fall Leaf Turkey Craft! I've seen quite a few of these, but I like this one from Crafty Morning best! Leaf Turkey Craft for Kids.

how to fall wreath craft leaves leaf utah provo orem
Up close this looks kind of crazy, but just wait until you see what's done with this when the glue dries! Over at Sweet and Simple by April you'll see how to make some amazing wreaths with a bit of glue and some fun fall foliage. Yep, there is a wreath under there! Autumn Leaf Wreath.

Over at Open Ended Art for Young Children you can see how to make this fun, snowy owl out of a pine cone. To be honest, I think that half of the fun of these projects are going out and exploring and picking them up off of the ground. (We get ours at a very old cemetery which isn't half as creepy as it sounds!) Get the tutorial - Snowy Owl Kid Craft.

Yarn crafts are really hot right now and I'm seeing lots of yarn ball crafts. And why wouldn't I? They're super cute! While this is not specifically a kid's craft, it's definitely one that they can rock 90% of! Get the details over at Polka Dots are Love. Yarn Ball Wreath DIY.

Okay, so there is no tutorial for this, and the website is in Greek (but Google Chrome can translate it for you) BUT I think you get the point of this project. I just can't believe how stinkin' cute these leaf people turned out over at Maro's Kindergarten.

And look what snuck up on me in this roundup. Yet another fab Thanksgiving craft from Crafty Morning. Grab the Aleene's School Crafty Glue and make this super cute Candy Corn Turkey Craft. A great way to use that candy corn left over from Halloween!

Not going to lie, I tend to be kind of grossed out by TP craft projects, but these TP turkeys are too stinkin' cute to be denied. And they have glitter on them and I have SUCH a thing for glitter. Get the details for these TP Tube Turkeys at a Girl and a Boy.

Children are the accessorizin'-ist bunch of people I've ever met. Would they like to wear gloves with that? Of course they would! Do they need a hat? You betcha! So when I saw this bowl hat that is a pumpkin, sharing it here was a no brainer. Get the details so your kiddos can make their own at Better Homes and Gardens. Painted Halloween (but works for Thanksgiving, too) Bowl Hat.

Both this super cute turkey leg place setting and thankful for tree come from the talented people over at Fiskars. The kiddos can get involved making the table decor with a turkey leg place cards and these thankful trees would be adorable amid the various bowls and platters of good food! Thanksgiving Kids Table.

Give the kiddos something to do and stash bust at the same time. Everyone's a winner, right?! Get the details to make these fun pompom turkeys with tutorial at AC Moore. Lion Brand Pom-Pom Turkey.

As far as I'm concerned, Aunt Peaches is not only a fellow iLTC blogger, but also the queen of bling. Just check out those amazing gourds up there. This is easily a craft that could keep the kids occupied for hours! Pimp My Gourd.

Over at Fairy Dust Teaching you'll learn how to make these beyond adorable Walnut People. The kids can make them and hand them as gifts to your Thanksgiving guests!

This tutorial is by yours truly and one the youngest nephew could not get enough of! With a little felt, a cheap glove and some Tacky Glue, you've got a puppet the kids can have gobbling all over the joint! Turkey Glove Puppet.

And it would seem I can't get enough of the TP tube crafts! These suckers over at Formula Mom are adorable and cute and afterwards you'll have the cutest laundry pins ever! Clothespin Turkey Roll Craft Ooh- and you could totally use your Tulip Fabric paints on this craft, too!

That's it for me this fabulous first Monday of the month! If you like my style, head on over to my blog Dream a Little Bigger!

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