Wednesday, November 5

Glittered Lights

Boom I got your glitterrrr, I got your glueee! Yes, I am singing as I type this. It's not even Thanksgiving but the Christmas holidays are right around the corner. Christmas plays peek-a-boo earlier and earlier each year. I mean, I totally get it. Everyone makes billions of dollars but come on people! We have to give thanks first, right? Just to be fair I will give thanks to the abundance of ornaments floating around my house right now. I think Santa's elves threw up a little in my living room. POOF…. 
Today I will show you how to add a little sparkle to any space with half dipped glitter lights. I think lights add a special flavor to any space so this means you have to go get some! Let's get started!

You will need: 
*Strand of ball lights (Purchased from Target)

I wanted to use the fabric glue for these balls since the exterior seemed sensitive. It worked perfectly! 
If you are not familiar with Tulip's fabric glitter then you are in for a big surprise. I have NEVER used a fabric glitter before that worked the right way until me and Prince Tulip met. This stuff bonds to fabric like my momma's rice and gravy. We all know, momma's can all cook. 
Step 1: Squirt a little fabric glue around the bottom portion of the ball. 
Step 2: Lightly brush the glue onto the ball. I wanted it to look like I dipped it in glitter so I stopped right in the middle. 
Step 3: You can sprinkle the glitter by lifting the lid. If you are a TRUE crafter you will take the whole cap off and pour over a sheet of paper. It just feels good doing it.  
Step 4: Step back and admire your "almost" finished ball.  Remember this is only the first coat. Let them sit for a hot minute (which comes out to an hour) then repeat the process. 
P.S. When you are applying your second coat some of the glitter will fall off, don't worry that's normal. 
You will let the second coat dry completely then plug these babies up and BAM it's time to party! 
They kind of remind me of the little corks you use when fishing. I doubt these will attract many fish! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I can't wait to see what you create for Christmas! Don't forget to tag us with #ilovetocreate on any social media site!

  Huge glittery hugs, JADERBOMB
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