Friday, November 21

Kitschy Vintage Inspired Bead And Sequin Ornament DIY

I have a thing for kitschy Christmas ornaments, especially vintage ones. I'm constantly inspired by vintage crafts and when it comes to Christmas there are about a bazillion variations on the Christmas ornaments. I am particularly smitten with vintage beaded and sequin ornaments. You might recall my Hot Air Balloon Ornament from last year. This year I made a whole new batch to match my new vintage beaded ornament wreath.

– Aleene's Always Ready Tacky Glue
– Smooth Foam Balls
– Tulip Fashion Sequins
– Tulip Shimmer Sheets
– Decorative ribbon, trim and fabric scraps.
– Sequin Pins
There are several patterns online for how to make these ornaments. Exact patterns you can use with your fabric, but we all know I am a cut twice measure once kind of gal. That being said I used fabric scraps, tacky glue and a whole bunch of sequin pins to get my smooth foam ball covered. What didn't get covered got trimmed in ribbon and blinged with Tulip sequins. I'm kinda in love with how this green one turned out.
Any kind of fabric will work for these ornaments. I used vintage Barkcloth, a thrifted placemat, leftover muumuu from my button tufted headboard DIY and even some Tulip Shimmer Sheets.
So it's a fact: not only do shimmer sheets make awesome bomb pop shirts, they also look great on Christmas ornaments.
As always Tallulah had to make her own version. How could anything hot pink and sparkly not turn out well?
My collection of beaded ornaments is growing. I'm already plotting my designs for next year's crop!
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