Wednesday, January 14

Cool Leather Cuff Bracelets

Looking for a quick, fun, and inexpensive project for you and your friends? These Leather Cuff Bracelets are awesome! They are super fun to make and double as a fashion piece. If you are anything like me and my friends, you love to coordinate with each other! Get together this weekend and make some matching jewelry! 

Here is what you will need: 
Black Leather 
Hole Punch 
Step 1: Cut the black leather into 2 inch by 5 inch strips. This will be the base of the cuff. 

Step 2: Punch 2 holes on each end of the cuff with the hole punch. Try to make them evenly spaced.
Step 3: Place the Crystal Iron-On Transfers onto the front of the cuff bracelets. I added 3 hearts to mine, but you could go with just  or 2. It is totally up to you!
Step 4: Iron. Follow the instructions on the packaging. Make sure to place a tin cloth over your project!
Step 5: Lace the Ribbon through the holes so that you can wear it with a bow! 
Walah! Isn't it just fabulous? These would be great to make at a birthday party, or just to make and give to all of your friends! It could be the new and improved version of the friendship bracelet! 


Bobby Jassos said...

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