Friday, January 16

How to Apply Sequins with Dimensional Paint

Last week I made an apron for Elena from Charity Wings to wear at the National Craft and Hobby Mega Show. I whipped up the apron, but felt it was missing something...BLING! But it was the night before I was to leave, so I had to think fast.

Read on to see my easy method to add some sparkle using Tulip Fashion Sequins!

See what I mean? It needed something to make it pop! 

I whipped out a trusty bottle of Tulip Gold Dimensional Paint, and the Tulip Fashion Sequins. Here's a little video I made showing how I do it - first I add the dots of the paint, then use a crayon to add the sequins one-by-one!

In the end it looks like this!

And here is Elena rockin' the apron!

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