Saturday, February 28

Fabric-Wrapped Poetry Bracelets

Fabric-Wrapped Poetry Bracelet

Want to stay inspired by your favorite poem, song lyrics, or life quote? Here's a fun project that uses your favorite words and fabric to create a unique bracelet, so you can be inspired while being accessorized. Use your favorite cloth scraps to create a truly one-of-a-kind Fabric-Wrapped Poetry Bracelet!

 You only need a few supplies for this project: grab some fabric scraps from your stash, and a bangle bracelet from the dollar store!

Supplies Needed:
Aleene's Always Ready ClearGel Tacky Glue
A Bangle Bracelet
Fabric Scraps

Fabric-Wrapped Poetry Bracelet

How to Make It:

Fabric-Wrapped Poetry Bracelet
1. Cut fabric strips from your scrap fabric. One inch wide is a good width, but narrower than that will work fine too.

2. Write your favorite poem, quote, or song lyrics on the strips of fabric with Tulip Rainbow Fabric Markers. I chose "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou.

Fabric-Wrapped Poetry Bracelet

3. Apply a small dot of Aleene's ClearGel Tacky Glue to the inside of the bangle, and hold the end of one of the fabric strips to the glue.

4. Apply glue to the outside of the bracelet, an inch at a time, and wrap the fabric around it, smoothing the fabric flat.

5. When you get to the end of a fabric strip, apply glue to the end and glue it down onto the bracelet. Add another piece of fabric and continue until the entire bracelet is wrapped.

Fabric-Wrapped Poetry Bracelet

This is a fun and easy way to make a bracelet that can bring inspiration with you wherever you go!

Fabric-Wrapped Poetry Bracelet


Stacy Risenmay said...

What a clever (and pretty!) idea :)

Unknown said...

Awesome! What a neat project!

malia said...

What a super cool idea! Trying this with my daughter!

Lindsay Artsy-Fartsy Mama said...

So cool!! What a fun project!!

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