Tuesday, February 24

Neon Doodle Sneakers

IMG_1536 edit

What can I say, I've been on a kicks kick lately! Maybe it's all the boot-wearing I've been doing with all this snow and slush we've been getting on the East Coast, but I'm craving some bright, fresh springtime gear (some bright, fresh springtime temperatures wouldn't be so bad, either). I've also been drawing a lot in my sketchbook during these long cold months, and it's nice sometimes to take the doodling out of the sketchbook from time to time.

What you need:

White canvas shoes (I picked these up at my local discount shoe store)

Remove the laces. Draw the outline of the design with one of the thin black pens. (I drew the straight parallel lines about 1/4" apart.) Then add the chevrons at varying distances from each other. Let the the black pen dry.
IMG_1498 edit
Use the electric neon markers to fill in the white spaces, as you would a coloring book page. Note: The pens are juicy, so watch for bleed, which will vary depending on the exact makeup of the fabric--note my orange splotch!
IMG_1500 adjusted
 Keep coloring until all the white areas are filled.
IMG_1504 edit
Re-thread the laces. I left the tongue of the shoes white, but reconsidered after I finished shoes and tried them on! (Neon orange for the win.)
IMG_1506 edit
Kick your feet up!
IMG_1531 edit

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