Thursday, March 12

Love Is An Open Door - Frozen Themed Party Favors

Anyone who has a kindergarten aged daughter turning 6 this year is probably familiar with the Disney movie Frozen. There is a good chance you have also been asked to throw a Frozen themed birthday party. Tallulah has had parties with themes like lumberjacks and fawns, and I knew the day would come when she wanted to pick her party - I just didn't know it would also come with the request to go to the party store and buy everything rather than make it. Sniff. I got the party-in-a-box as requested, but I was determined to at least have handmade party favors. I didn't actually hand make the favors, but I made kits so the kids could.

– Wooden door hangers
– Blue craft paint
– Small blue and white craft supplies like snowflakes, sequins and pompoms
– Plastic Baggies
– "Love is an Open Door" signs
My favorite song from Frozen is "Love is an Open Door". "Let It Go" is good, but this one is better. It always gets stuck in my head so when I was trying to think of a clever Frozen themed party favor I kept thinking of this song. This is how I got the idea to give the kids kits to decorate their own door hangers. Luckily, I had pictures of Tallulah dressed as Elsa from Halloween to add to the kits along with the song title. The picture of Tallulah was taken by Jennifer M. Ramos. I had 30 of these printed at Walgreens.
I put all the supplies into small clear baggies. Each kit was slightly different, but the color palette was Elsa blue and white. I then attached the baggie of crafts and photo to the door hanger with ribbon.
All that was left to do was sit the kits out on the tables at the party. I hope the kids had as much fun making them as I did putting them together!

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