Sunday, April 26

Glitter Kiss, Burlap Pillow, DIY

 I love a touch of whimsey in my home, that is what makes it me. 
I decorate with things I love more than with text book rules.
 I think little touches of you everywhere makes the room feel like home.
Making this  burlap pillow to add that special touch was really easy.
Tulip makes all sort of products for you to add that special "You" touch to just about anything. 
Lips are not the only thing that could go on this, 
 think outside the box, if you don't like lips then do something that relates to you.
That special touch of "You" that says, " Ahh I am Home!"

Things you need.

 Burlap Pillow Case * Michaels Craft store.
Wax paper
Small Paint brush.
Cutting board

 Print out your stencil from the internet  and using an x-acto knife cut it out
 or buy a pre-made one.
 Tulip makes a tone of super cute,
 Stencils, the link is HERE
 Lay your stencil on your pillow and place your wax paper  in between the two  sides.
Tape down your stencil to make it more stationary.
 Place your paint on a paper plate.
 Using your brush paint your stencil.
 Sprinkle with gold glitter first. 
This gives it a base for the highlight.
Let that dry completely about 8 hours.
  Take your Aleene's glue, go around the edges.
 Use your brush and paint the glue inward.

 Sprinkle with your pink Tulip Glitter.
Let dry completely. Shake off excess glitter.

 Now you have a touch of you in your home.

I hope you are having a wonderful day.
Lots of <3,
For more of my DIY head on over to my blog


Sewing Chick said...

Love this -very cute idea!!!

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