Tuesday, April 14

Ombre, Multi-way, No-Sew Halter: DIY

 I love to create different no sew designs in tee shirts.
Here is an easy no sew halter design I did 
that you can tie up in multiple ways
to create diverse looks.
Ombre is optional, but it is so fun and easy to create.
 Things you need

 Tee shirt
Chalk or Pencil
Rubber band
 Rubber gloves
White vinegar *Optional

First cut your shirt.
*Notice that one of the sides is 2 inches the other is 4 inches
 This was done on purpose for a variation of looks.   
The red  parts you will dis-guard.
This is a variation of a tank I did a couple of years ago.
If you want to see the other Tank Click on the link below
 After you cut your tank place your rubber band 
 where you want your Ombre to stop.
I am going darkest at the bottom to white at the top.
Pour about half of the liquid dye into a bowl 
and fill about half way up with cold water.
* Optional I added  about a  third of a cup of White vinegar to my dye.
 Dip your shirt in to about 1 inch from  the rubber band.
*The dye will slowly move upward so keep that in mind.
 I then re- dipped my shirt half way up. I held it there about  3 minutes.
 I re dipped it again about 4 inches from the bottom. 
I held that there  about three minutes.
* If you want it darker
 the time will be longer for each section.
* Put your Gloves on for this step.
Once you get to the color you desire,
Rinse out your shirt in cold water until the water runs clean.
Ring out the excess water.
Hang dry.
 This is the front
 The Back

 Now lets tie this in different ways.
 Twist both sides tight wrap around to the back.
Tie crisscross in the back.
 Twist the 2 inch side and cross it in front of the 4 inch side.
 Crisscross the back and tie off.
 crisscross both across the neck
 tie off in back
Tie off the two front  straps in a double knot on the side.
Tie off in the back.

Four ways, one shirt. 
I know there are many more ways you can tie it.
Have a wonderful Day.
For more of my DIY check out my Blog 
Lots of <3.


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