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Easy Wall Art: Be-YOU-Tiful Painting with Poster Puffy

Easy wall art project - Poster Puffy makes it easy!

Who doesn't need an encouraging word or affirmation once in awhile? Make your own inspirational quote art easily, with the help of Poster Puffy. This easy wall art is the perfect project for teens or tweens, and adults will enjoy it just as much! And psst -- I took a cue from preschool and did some finger painting for this project!

Easy wall art project - Poster Puffy makes it easy!

If you don't like messy art, don't let the "finger painting" thing scare you off -- you can make this art without your fingers, too! (But there is something seriously therapeutic about getting your hands messy with paint!) I know you are intrigued, so come find out how easy it is to make custom wall art!

Easy Wall Art Supplies Needed:
  • A canvas or board (I used a gesso board)
  • Poster Puffy Paints (Neon 4 pack and Black)
  • Tissue or paper towel
  • A marker or pencil
Easy wall art project - Poster Puffy makes it easy!

The special thing about Poster Puffy paint is that it comes with a flat tip that makes it easy to write and draw. The other special thing is that the paint is thick and 3D, making impressively textured art very simple to create.

Easy wall art project - Poster Puffy makes it easy!

Here's a quick time lapse video of how I made the art, and I will break it down in words and pictures for you too!

 Now, here's how you make it:

How to make easy wall art with Poster Puffy
1. Sketch out your idea on the canvas using a marker or pencil. This will help with placement and be a guideline for your painting.

How to make easy wall art with Poster Puffy
2. Start with the yellow Poster Puffy, and create a sunburst around the outside of the canvas.

3. Follow with the green Poster Puffy, sketching lines closer inside the canvas, and overlapping the yellow lines.

4. With the orange Poster Puffy, sketch lines toward the inside of the painting, inside the holes in the letters, and around the edges of the letters. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be perfect.

5. Now for the fun part! Blend the colors together using your finger. Start from the inside of the painting and pull outward to get a controlled blend of colors. Make sure all the white areas of the canvas are covered around the outside edge.

How to make easy wall art with Poster Puffy

6. Now, outline the "YOU" with pink Poster Puffy. You will need to clean the tip once in awhile with a tissue to keep the colors from blending.

How to make easy wall art with Poster Puffy

7. Fill in the "YOU" with black Poster Puffy, then add the additional letters too.

Set your painting aside to dry. 

How to make easy wall art with Poster Puffy



Very smart.. love it

Amy Anderson said...

It looks so easy! Kids would love this.

malia said...

I love messy art! This is awesome... it reminds me of the '80's (my favorite decade) it's so bright and happy!

Unknown said...

wow you are very creative, with makeshift materials you can make a very nice Wall Art ;)

Unknown said...

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