Wednesday, May 20

Glue Embossed Accent Boxes

Accent boxes are like the 'little black dress' of home decor. They elevate the look and work with just about anything. Plus, a little storage never hurt anyone! 

Metalic tones are hot again this summer, so what better way to bring them inside with an easy-yet-eye-catching DIY project? 

You are going to love it!

Aleene's Easy Squeeze Tacky Glue (you'll find it at Walmart)
Empty boxes
Aluminum foil
Optional: black craft paint and a rag
1. Use the narrow tip of the Easy-Squeeze glue bottle to draw your design onto your box. You'll find it easier if you touch the tip of the bottle to the box and draw with it like an over-sized marker. 
2. Allow the glue to dry. Think lines will set in under two hours. 
3. Use your finger or an old brush to swipe a thin layer of the glue all around the surface. 
4. Adhere aluminum foil on top of the box. You may find it easier to get in all the crevices by swiping with a damp washcloth or rag.
5. Want to bring out more of the details? Add a small dab of black craft paint to a wet paper towel and swipe all over the surface. 
6. Use a clean, dry paper towel to swipe away excess paint. The longer the paint stays on the surface, the less easy it will be to wipe off. PS: Don't have black paint laying around? Shoe polish looks great!
Like to make things a little more colorful? Check out these notebooks made with a very similar technique. Interestingly, Easy Squeeze wasn't on the market when these were made a few months ago so the drawings were not nearly as detailed as they could be. Just think of what you could make! 


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Would you show us how you finish the inside of these gorgeous boxes? Many thanks!! :)

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