Thursday, June 4

Dyed Tramp Art Planter DIY

My latest obsession is tramp art. Tramp art is often made from discarded pieces of wood to form geometric shapes. Popsicle sticks are a perfect example. You can find intricate baskets, lamps, picture frames and more from carved sticks. I decided to add to my collection and but a colorful twist on the theme.

– Popsicle sticks
– Disposable Cups
– Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue
I divided my popsicle sticks up into disposable cups. Next I mixed a batch of Yellow and Lime Tulip Dye and submerged my sticks half way. After about an hour I flipped my sticks and mix-matched the dye baths. I wanted an ombre effect.
Next I poured out my dye and sprinkled my sticks out to dry. While they were still wet I sprinkled them with dark green dye. I let this sit for a few hours and then rinsed everything and allowed it to dry overnight.
Using Tacky Glue start constructing your planter. I used a vintage piece of tramp art I already had as my guide.
What you do with your basket is completely up to you. Stick a flameless candle inside for a lantern. Add a bottom and a handle for a basket. Put a small plant inside like I did and display it on your patio.
I have an all new respect for the people who made the super intricate versions of this craft. The precision of stick placement to get octagonal and ascending designs was harder than it looked! This summer don't throw those ice pop sticks away!
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