Sunday, June 28

Flag Shirt, DIY

 Flag shirts are so much fun to make 
and since The 4th of July is just around the corner 
I thought this would be a fun project. 
I really love these new Color Shot Fabric paints by Tulip.
They cut the time it takes me to do a project in half 
which is wonderful because my time is so limited.

Things You Need

  Shirt * Mine is a Hanes Large
Star Stickers *Walmart
 Cut the front of your shirt.
 Cut the back.
 Cut a line about 7 inches across.
I measured down  about 7 inches from the top.
 Cut off the hem part of one of your sleeves. 
You will use this to tie your shirt in the back.
This is where you will tie your shirt AFTER you paint it.
 Tape off the top-back part of your shirt
 right above where you made your cut.
Take your stars and place them on the top-back of your shirt.
 Tape off the rest of the shirt and cover with paper towels 
or pieces of paper, do this for over spray.
 Spray a light coat wait 5 to 10 minutes then spray another coat.
 Tape off the bottom-back part of your shirt for the red stripes.
 and place paper around the outside to protect from over spray.

After the back dried,  
I  turned my shirt over to the front
I cut out a heart out of a piece of paper.
I taped off the top half of the heart
 and placed some more stars on the top part.
 I sprayed that with blue Tulip Color Shot paint.

I took the heart that I cut out
 and cut out stripes on the bottom half.
 Covered the the heart with my stencil 

 Tie up the back once your shirt is dry.
I waited about one hour.
It makes a pretty Star bow.

 Wear to you next BB-Que or to the beach over your swim suit.
Have a a Beautiful Sunday!
Lots of <3

For more of my DIY
Head over to  my Blog

For more of my T-shirt DIY head over to my blog
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Sewing Chick said...

I love this - so doing this!!

Susan said...

so is 3am too early to start this project? I used blue fabric paint and rolled it over the stars. I cut the stars and heart flag with my cameo on contact paper. Sprayed the stripes with red spray paint. It was the only thing I had in stock!! Love it, thanks for another great tutorial!!

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