Tuesday, June 9

No Sew, Open Back Fish Tee. DIY

 Need a cute summer shirt to wear on that beach vacation
 or to show off that new lacy back bra?
Here is a super easy way to make a cute summer shirt in no time.
Easy also describes the New Color Shot Fabric paint by Tulip.
 I love the way  this new fabric paint  helps you turn a plain shirt
 into a work of art in a flash.

 Things You Need

 Shirt  * Mine is an XL Mens Hanes Comfort Blend.
Fish Stencil* Stencil 101
Tulip Color Shot Fabric Paint
X-acto Knife
Wax paper

 Cut off your collar
Turn the shirt over
 Cut off the bottom, leaving a triangle in the back of the shirt.
Cut a straight line from the middle of the triangle to about 4 inches from the top.
 Tie it at the bottom.
Now let's decorate
Print and cut out your stencil using your x-acto knife.
Stencil 101. HERE

Place a piece of wax paper between your shirt.
 Place your stencil on the bottom part of your shirt.
 I started in the middle because I wanted my fish centered
*Make sure the surrounding area around your stencil is covered
 just in case you have over spray from your color shot paint.
I first sprayed all of the water blue,
then I sprayed the fish green.
 repeat your pattern all the way across your shirt

 Let dry 30 Minutes to one hour before you wear it
24 hour until you wash. Wash in cold water, hang dry.
*I hang dry all of my shirts that I paint or glitter.

Now you have a cute shirt to wear this summer.
Happy Tuesday.
Be Creative today.
Lots of <3
For more of my T-shirt DIY head over to my blog


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