Thursday, June 18

Recycled Toilet Paper Roll String Lights

I might have a small obsession with cocktail napkins. They are cheap and come in so many fun patterns. I love to keep cute disposable plates and napkins on hand for entertaining or in this case crafting. I recently made some similar string lights for a book using tissue paper and thought why not do the same thing using my beloved cocktail napkins.

– Easy Squeeze Tacky Glue
– Toilet paper rolls
– String lights
– Cocktail napkins
– Scissors
– Trims and embellishments
– Hole punch
Each toilet paper roll should be cut into three pieces. Squish slightly to fit into scissors and then bend back into place. How many rolls you need depends on how many lights are on your string.
I chose two different napkins to work with that coordinated. I cut my napkins into squares slightly larger than the ends of my spent toilet paper rolls. Using Easy squeeze Tacky Glue I attached napkin squares to one side of the tubes.
While one side of cocktail napkin dried I used a hole punch in the center of my rolls. Clearly you could also do this step first. You just want to make sure you do it before you close off both sides of the toilet paper roll. This small hole will be where the string lights get inserted after you remove the large bulbs they came with.
Add napkin squares to the other side of the toilet paper tube with Quick Dry Tacky Glue. At this point both edges look nice, but the center is rough and will need to be painted, wrapped in washi tape or in my case covered with frayed trim and burlap flowers.
When decorating be sure not to cover the hole you punched. I used more Easy Squeeze Tacky Glue to attach the string lights to the toilet paper rolls and then decorated around them.
Plug in and enjoy. I love how customizable these are whether you are using tissue paper or cocktail napkins. I want to make seasonal ones next!
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