Sunday, July 12

ColorBlock T-Shirt using ColorShot


Turn a plain t-shirt into something special with pops of color using Tulip’s ColorShot Fabric Spray paint. It’s a super quick and easy way to get solid smooth color on any fabric surface. Let’s get started!


It is recommended that you use ColorShot outdoors with good ventilation.

step 1
Lay your t-shirt out on a flat surface.

Using your tape mask off areas to be painted.

Be sure to completely cover any areas you don’t want to paint.

step 2
Starting with your first color, spray one light, even coat over the whole area.

Let dry.

step 3
Spray a second coat and let dry.

Repeat until desired color.

step 4
Move to your next color section, be sure to mask of any areas you don’t want this color.

step 5
Using your second color, spray one light, even coat over this new area.

Let dry.

step 6
Spray a second coat and let dry.

Repeat until desired color.

step 7
Repeat above steps for each new color block.

step 8
When you’re finished with the front, turn your t-shirt over an do that back.

To see more fun fashion DIY’s be sure to check out my blog 


Unknown said...

I wouldn't do the back. I'd probably leave it white. ;)

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Alina Wilson said...

As you said, Spray painting overleaf prints is a time-worn tradition of summer crafters everywhere but I am really impressed with this art is amazing and You have colored the color block t-shirt using the color shots. I remember at university I asked a friend to write my assignment for me In the meantime, my friend and I have seen this excellent blog But, to be honest, it's brand new to me. Of course, you deserve praise.

Mike said...

After watching all the steps of coloring, the final result was shocking but at the same moment pleasing too.

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