Sunday, July 26

Lotus Blossom, Color Shot Shirt: DIY

 When My Best Friend Gigi wanted some help with making this 
Lotus Blossom Shirt,  I told her I had the perfect product to make it with. 
We had the best afternoon  laughing and having some quality craft time together.
She agreed it was the easiest shirt to create using Color Shot Fabric spray.

 Things you need

X-acto Knife
Print out a stencil that you like 
and create your very own stencil.
Stencil 101

 Gigi cut out her stencil very carefully with an X-acto knife.

 Then cut the collar off of your shirt.

 Tape paper around your stencil  to protect your shirt from the over spray.
 We covered up the different places that we wanted to be different colors.
We layered some of the colors for  more dimension.

 Cut up one side about 6 inches.
 Tie it up.
 Let dry for about 3 hours before wearing and 
24- 48 hours before washing in cold water and  hang dry.
She loved how her shirt turned out
 and loved even more how easy it was to make.
I hope you had a wonderful Sunday!
Lots of <3,

For more of my DIY
Head over to  my Blog


Sewing Chick said...

Adorable shirt - just love it!!

WobiSobi said...

Thank you so much XXOO

kanaksoni said...

Most funny alien boy Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, know all about him

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