Saturday, September 26

DIY Spirit Posters with Poster Puffy

DIY Spirit Signs - easy to make with Poster Puffy Paint!
Cheer for the home team with DIY Spirit Signs - they are easy to make with posterboard from the dollar store and Poster Puffy Paint. Every athletic event needs more eye-catching signs!

Supplies needed:
Poster Puffy Paint
Assorted poster board
A flat surface to work on

DIY Spirit Signs - easy to make with Poster Puffy Paint!

You can buy posterboard at most department stores, drug stores, or -- my favorite -- the dollar store.

DIY Spirit Signs - easy to make with Poster Puffy Paint!

1. Open the lid of the Poster Puffy paint and remove the protective seal. Replace the cap. Gently squeeze the bottle until you see the paint coming through the clear lid.

DIY Spirit Signs - easy to make with Poster Puffy Paint!

2. Place the posterboard on a flat surface, and write, draw, and decorate your way to a cool Spirit Sign.

DIY Spirit Signs - easy to make with Poster Puffy Paint!

Don't forget you can mix and match colors to create a unique look!
3. Leave posters on a flat surface while the paint is drying. You will want to make these posters several hours (or a day) before the big event.

DIY Spirit Signs - easy to make with Poster Puffy Paint!

For these signs, I cut a piece of posterboard in half -- give one to the friend sitting next to you and you can cheer your team on together.

DIY Spirit Signs - easy to make with Poster Puffy Paint!

See how easy it is to increase your spectating game?

DIY Spirit Signs - easy to make with Poster Puffy Paint!


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