Friday, January 1

Chihuahua Fabric Collage Pillow

With five Chihuahuas in my house, it is no wonder that I designed a Chi Iron-on trasnfer for my product line!

This is an adorable toss pillow made from a cloth napkin, fabric scraps and the transfer!


Flocked Chihuahua Crafty Chica™ Iron-On Transfer™
1 cloth napkin
Assorted fabric scraps
1 piece of fabric to go behind the transfer
Pillow stuffing
Straight pins
Iron, sewing machine

Sew the fabric scraps together into one panel that is 1/2" wider than the napkin. Hem the edges of the panel.

Iron on the transfer to fabric and use your pinking shears to trim around it. Sew it to the center of the fabric collage panel.

Line up the two panels of fabric (the napkin and the fabric collage), pin around the edges, and sew. Leave a 3" opening so you can insert the pillow stuffing.

Fill with stuffing, pin and sew up the open area.

Add trims or tassels if you want.


Rob said...

Hi, very nice chihuahua pillow!

She Was Old Fashioned said...

That's a darling pillow. Great job love it. I have two chihuahua's. They are so sweet.

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