Thursday, April 16

Learn a new technique today!

Get a jumpstart on your creativity and learn a brand new technique! Our technique library is filled with all kinds of great techniques that will inspire you to try something totally new. Choose from a wide variety of techniques as shown below:

– Tie Dye Painting
– Tie Dye Ombre Technique
– Paper Pressing using Dimensional Paint
– Embossing fabric with a Stamp
– Decoupage Basics
– Applying crystals
– Applying an iron-on transfer
– Paper pressing dimensional paint

And great ceramic painting techniques like:

– Glaze spritzing
– Mask n’ Pell
– Majolica
– Bisque sponging
– Using Quick Crackle
– Marbelizing and much more!

Below is a step by step of how a technique is shown on our site (click on the step by step image to get a better view) to get the sunburst technique seen on the model. As you can see, we provide you with clear explanation and step by step photos to help you achieve the best results.

So visit our technique page and get started learning a new technique today!

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