Tuesday, June 16

5 questions with the Crafty Chica™!

We thought it would be fun to connect with our favorite "Craftmother" with a little Q&A session that asks a few questions that you might be surprised/intrigued to learn!

1) Do you have a favorite all-time project that you've created? Why is it
so special to you?

My favorite project is a mixed media headboard I made for my art exhibit. It is huge and is comprised of several wood panels. I painted, woodburned, glittered,, - all kinds of different techniques. It is super colorful and happy!

2) A lot of crafters look to you for inspiration, but is there any person(s)
that you really look up to for inspiration?

Sometimes I feel burnt out. I'll head out to our Phoenix First Fridays (artwalk) and by the time I get home, I'm ready to go! I alsolove interacting with people on Twitter to see what they are making and doing, that inspires me to get moving!

3) If you could add glitter to any national landmark, which one would you
choose and why?

Definately the Statue of Liberty, so she would sparkle even more. I would use my Glmaor Queen Green glitter and then seal her in resin so the shine would be weather proof and last forever!

4) Everyone assumes you can craft anything, but what art/craft technique
have you never tackled that you are dying to try?

Definately fused glasswork - I would love to make lampwork beads, dishes, wall art and more!

5) OK, this is incredibly random, but what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Brownie Fudge.

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