Tuesday, July 28

Even 25 more signs why you may love to create!

We here at iLoveToCreate loved Vickie Howell's blog post on 25 signs that you may love to create, so we compiled some of our own. Thanks Vickie for inspiring us and others to join in talking about our crazy crafting obsession!

1. You buy jewelry just to take it apart, because you can't find that same bead elsewhere.

2. When you are at your local craft store, you answer product questions for people because you know more about the products than the actual employees do.

3. You go into a deep depression any time one of your favorite design/craft shows gets canceled.

4. You save gift cards after they are used up because you may need to use it in a future craft project!

You have evidence of a Tacky Glue spill somewhere on your carpet.

6. Your dream vacation involves attending the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Trade Show.

You look down and realize there is a flake of glitter in your cereal, coffee, etc.

8. You've ever had to worry about whether or not you left the glue gun on.

9. Nothing in your house or wardrobe is a basic color. Every pair of flip flops is glammed up and every table runner is painted with Soft Paint!

10. You've ever pulled an all-nighter while crafting.

You subscribe to multiple crafty podcasts on Itunes.

12. Your computer home page is www.ilovetocreate.com

You talk about your favorite crafters in casual conversation as if they were your best friend even though you've never met them.

14. You waited in line for Michael's to open when the Crafty Chica product line came out.

15. You save your greeting cards to use in collage later.

16. You've ever made an ornament out of a random found object (and then given it away as a gift!)

17. You don't invest in play toys for your pet because they prefer playing with your craft supplies (beads, buttons, etc). Bonus points if they've eaten the craft supply!

18. You have trouble sleeping because your brain is swarming with craft ideas!

You think the paint your own pottery studio is a perfect setting for a first date!

You can think for multiple crafty uses (off the top of your head) for toothpicks, garbage bags, dowel rods, baby food jar lids, and shoeboxes.

You don't understand why Katie Perry or Lady Gaga's unique wardrobe choices appear on Worst Dressed Lists.

22. Your child comes home from college to discover you changed their bedroom into a craft room.

You save all your old t-shirts because you will one day make a quilt out of them.

You cried when you met Crafty Chica or another craft celebrity.

You have a natural high when you sort through a bucket of buttons or beads!

What signs are there that make it evident that you love to create?!? Share with us in the comment section below!


icandy... said...

This is soooo true! You really nailed it! :)

Happy day!
Christina :)

Unknown said...

LOL! I do #2 all of the time. I totally sold a woman some Crafty Chica stuff at a Michael's once!

Erin Bassett said...

SO me!!


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