Tuesday, August 11

Tulip® Fabric Spray Painting with the Stars!

You may have noticed our tweets last Friday about the Teen Choice gift boutique we were attending! Well, it was a great opportunity for iLoveToCreate (that's Allee and Mandy - two awesome team members above representing th e booth) to meet up with a lot of talented, young Hollywood celebs and give them the chance to test out our Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint!

All of the kid celebs were so sweet and polite and they really had a blast while spray painting their shirts! We heard so many great compliments and saw so many smiling faces. They also said they were going to have to go right away to the craft store to get some to try at home! They couldn't believe it was so easy!

Debbie Ryan says she tie dyes everything and practically begged for us to give her our Tulip Fabric Spray!

"I wasn't expecting it to turn out so cool!" - Sterling Knight from Sonny with a Chance, about his finished

The pop group The Social Girls had so much fun. They wanted Allee (our supestar designer helping at the event) to go home with them to tag their stuff!

The little girls of Desperate Housewives made shirts. They were so happy with the results! Not a drop on their dresses!

Sterling Beaumon [he played young Ben Linus on Lost] was so excited by his results...says he can't wait to get more!

Tyler James Williams of Everybody Hates Chris said we brought out creativity at our booth! He didn't think he had it!

Leo Howard of GI Joe: Rise of Cobra using Tulip Fabric Spray and Tulip sticky stencils. He said, "this is so cool!"

And now for a little behind the scenes goodies...

Isabelle Fuhrman, the little girl from the "Orphan" isn't as scary in person as she seems in that creepy trailer for the movie.

–The child stars were very polite and well-behaved. I guess being a brat does get you a bad rep in Hollywood, huh?

– There were a few adults there too....we spotted Scott Baio, Candace Cameron, Fred Willard, Andy Dick, Alfonso Ribeiro (and no, he didn't do the "Carlton Dance"). Are booth was pretty hectic, so there unfortunately wasn't always an open spot at all times, so some passed by. :(

– Ariel Winter (she stars with Ed O'Neil in the upcoming "Modern Family" on ABC Family seemed like a mini pro twisting and dying her shirt. Look how cute it turned out!

So (forewarning you...this is cheesy), you may not be a celebrity, but you can be a big star! All you have to have is Tulip Fabric Spray Paint! Get it at your local craft store!

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