Wednesday, September 16

Fabric Spray Painted Appliques

Ready to dive into Fall fashion but can't fully commit to buying whole pieces in the latest, trendy colors? Here's a simple solution! Turn a "safe" colored, versatile piece into a showcase for the season by adding a spray-dyed applique to the lapel. I'm really into purple for this season, so I took a plain, grey cardigan and some of the new Tulip Fabric Spray Paints, and got to work. Here's how!

Cardigan Sweater
White, Lace Motif Applique
Tulip Fabric Spray Paint
Needle & Thread

  • Place lace motif appliques on a piece of cardboard or newspaper. Spray liberally with Fabric Spray Paint until saturated. Let dry.
  • Using a wet paper towel, wipe the dye off of any sequin or beads.
  • Pin dyed appliques onto desired spot of cardigan. Hand sew in place.

TIP: For a no-sew option, use Fabric Fusion to glue appliques onto your sweater!

That's all there is to it. Just 3 simple steps for creating an everyday cardigan that's anything but basic!

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casserole said...

What a great idea!!! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


sue said...

there used to be a product called stick it over and over, It might still be out there, I don't know. It allowed you to stick appliques on clothing and remove it to another or just to wash the clothing then return it.

love the idea of dyeing the appliques!

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