Wednesday, December 16

Crocheted Poinsettia Brooch


Worsted Weight Sparkly Yarn
Size US G Hook
Tapestry Needle
Glittered Holly Berries (cut from decorative floral bouquet)
Pearl Pin (optional)

sc=single crochet
dc=double crochet
tr=triple crochet
hdc=half-double crochet

Large Petals (Make 5):
Ch 8. Sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sc. Tie off.

Small Petals (Make 5):
Ch 8. Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc, hdc, dc, hdc, 2sc. Tie off.

Sew large petals together in a star formation. Do the same with the small petals. Center small petal bunch on to of large one; tack in place to create flower.

Using your finger, spread a liberal amount of Fabric Stiffener over flower. Shape and let dry.

Use Fabric Fusion to glue glittered holly berries to center of flower. Let dry.

Pin to your favorite bag, coat or beanie!

Crocheted Poinsettia

Never crocheted before? No problem! Check out my How-To section for tutorials.

(Holiday) Craft.Rock.Love,

P.S. Make a Candy Striper felted purse to go with your sparkly Ponsettia Brooch--get the pattern here!

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