Friday, December 18

El Milagro Journal

What are the crazy-outta-this-world miracles you wish would happen?
Instead of daydreaming about them while driving on your way to work, write them down and put them into action!
"El milagro" means "the miracle". I think at this time of the year, we should all jot down the miracles we hope to see. World peace, straight A report cards, a never-ending carton of chocolate milk in the fridge...
Here is an easy way to maker a journal to keep track of all your miracles!
1 blank hardback journal
2 sheets of scrapbook paper
Cut the scrapbook paper to fit the cover of the journal (both sides). Use Tacky Spray to affix it, letting the edges overlap so they can be folded over to the inside. Cut excess.
Take one piece of of the Mojito paper and set on a flat table top. Set the iron-on design in the center, cover with a thin piece of cloth. Set iron on highest setting, no steam. Firmly press over design for 60-seconds, edge to edge. Remove cloth, wait a minute for transfer tocool, and then peel away the protective plastic to reveal design.
Spray back of paper with Tacky Spray and press in the center of the book's cover.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathy,

You are absolutely right! And this project makes an awesome gift!

Happy Holidays!

~ Gabriela ~

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