Friday, February 12

Love Shrines!

Whether you're looking for your perfect match, celebrating the wedding of a friend or recognizing the anniversary of a long-time couple, this Crafty Chica love shrine stands for all that is good...sweet Amor!

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Crafty Chica Challenge: Love Shrine

Crafty Chica™ Love Shrine™ Workshop-in-a-Box

Scrap paper
Scissors, scallop edged
Crepe paper, white

  1. Using the paper included in the kit, cut out shapes to fit onto the rounded sections framing the face of the box, as well as the other sections of the box that you would like to cover with paper.

    Tip: Use the box to trace rounded shapes onto the back of paper before cutting out. Use the back of the box to trace square for inside back of box.

  2. One section at a time, coat the box with the white craft glue that is included. Lay one of the papers over it and smooth out any wrinkles with your fingers. Repeat for the outside and inside of the box.

  3. Choose a picture of something or someone you love or you can use the picture that is included. Glue a decorative paper behind the inspiration picture and then glue it in the center of the box. We scalloped the edge of the decorative paper before gluing to inspiration photo.

  4. Coat the feet and edges of front panels with the white craft glue. Working over a sheet of paper to catch the excess glitter, pour the glitter over the wet glue. Tap off excess.

  5. Glue the flowers, leaves, and charms to the shrine. Add the crepe paper by gluing it in “ruffles” along the backside of the panels.

  6. Glue the sequin trim to the inside box edges.

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