Friday, February 5

Paint Resist Lyrical Lovesong Pillowcase

(lyrics from Cameo's song, Sparkle)

Don't you want to be the last thing on your significant other's mind before he/she falls asleep? Diamonds and roses are nice, but they won't do the trick. But a Lyrical Love Song Pillowcase will. Choose your favorite tune - maybe one from your wedding or first date - write the lyrics on a pillowcase, then dye it whatever shade you want. Imagine your sweetie snuggling up to your sentimental, romantic verses long after Valentine's Day has gone.

This concoction uses fabric-friendly supplies to ensure the pillowcase will be soft and irresistibly huggable. Just like you!

This is also a fun project for kids to try. Let them draw on the pillowcase or scribble a love note. Resist medium and fabric spray paint can be found in the clothing aisles at the craft store.

1 cotton pillowcase
2 tubes of Tulip® Cool Color Block
1 bottle of Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint™

Set out the pillowcase on a covered surface. Write your lyrics across the fabric and let dry according to package directions. TIP: The Color Block will spread - so make sure to write big and spacious!

When dry, spray with color, let dry and wash according to package directions. I used Tulip Fabric Spray in bright red, and then covered with a coat of gold glitter fabric spray.

5 comments: said...

its really very nice and beautiful and so much romantic...

Valentine sms

Lori said...

Wow, I love it! How long does the color block take to dry? Can the same look be acheived with a white crayon? (I'm looking at this for a kids project) Thanks!

Katie said...

I wonder if color block and then rit dye would work?

Samantha Weisel said...

Seems like you could also do this with blue gel school glue as the resist medium also. That needs to dry overnight for best results.

ilovetocreate said...

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a heads up about some of your questions from our star designer PattieWack!!

Lori: I wouldn’t use a crayon, as the dye would probably bleed underneath the wax into the fibers of the fabric. The resist dries in 1 – 2 hours. The dye dries in 4 hours, rinse in cold water, hang to dry or throw in dryer alone.

I have no experience with Rit dye, and would be afraid to try a product I’m not familiar with, so results can't be guaranteed. Our Color Block has been tested and created to work exclusively with our dyes and fabric sprays, so we wouldn't recommend using them with other dyes, but if you do decide to, do so at your own risk (it may not turn out with the results you want).

I also have no experience with blue gel school glue, and would have to experiment with it. Same goes as the question, above. You would have to experiment and see. We have not tested this.

Thanks for your inquiries. Hope that helped :)

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